Rigging Black's Clips for Tag Lines

How to set up Black's Outrigger Clips to use on tag lines.
Glen Booth
Some crews prefer to pull their baits or lures from outrigger clips attached to the halyards. Others like to use tag lines, which gets the line closer to the water so there is less slack or drop back when the fish takes the bait. Most use a knot or rubber band to attach the fishing line to the tag line, but you can use a Black's Outrigger clip to make attaching the line faster (and easier).
Cut the wire and beads off the back of a Black's Clip. Slide a crimp onto the tag line, then with the end of the mono come across the back of the clip, around and through the bottom hole, out the top hole, then across the back again to make a figure eight.
Pull on the mono and snug the crimp down nice and tight. What you end up with is a figure-eight connection that won't let the clip move.
This angle shows you how the tag line should look when attached to the clip. Make sure the clip won't move. If the clip moves and rotates, it will alter the way a bait or lure swims.
Crimp the Black's Clip into place.
With the clip now locked in place, it is unable to twist around and will always point in the direction of the lure or bait for a clean release.
Use an accurate spring scale to set the release pressure on the clip. After setting the clip properly, if the lure or bait pops free from the clip on the tag line, it's almost certainly the result of a bite.
Use an adjustable Dacron loop to attach the main line to the Black's Clip at the end of the tag line.

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