Dive deep and indulge in this gallery of mesmerizing mahi eye candy presented by pro photog Adrian Gray's underwater lens.
Adrian Gray
No pelagic fish captures the eye like the mahimahi aka dolphinfish. Found in most of the world's oceans, dolphin are known both for their fight and their fare. Dive deep and indulge in this gallery of mesmerizing mahi eye candy presented by pro photog Adrian Gray's underwater lens. A pink skirted daisy-chain tipped with a rigged ballyhoo was irresistible to this 20-pound female mahi off Alligator Reef, Islamorada, Florida Keys.
An estimated 50-pound bull dolphin ate a pitched skipping ballyhoo and goes airborne behind the Intensity off Iztapa, Guatemala. Big mahi are common bycatch during prime sailfish season between January and March.
A lit up Mahi about to be gaffed off Los Suenos, Costa Rica shows off its colors in all its glory. This fish came into the spread at the same time as a sailfish did and stole the pitch bait before the sailfish could get its shot at the offering.
A slab of ballyhoo diverted this small bull mahi from a large school off Key Largo, Florida Keys. Keeping the fish hooked up beneath the boat drew back the curiosity of the mahi school to come back for enough time to fill each angler's limit.
We all look forward to keeping up with the weather report on Buoy Weather for those calm summer days where giant pads of Sargassum attract schools of chicken mahi-mahi and provide lots of fun battles on light tackle. This colorful fish crushed a live pilchard Jupiter Inlet, Florida.
There is nothing quite like the colors of the mahi-mahi. This beautiful fish exploded with color boat side off Quepos, Costa Rica while fishing aboard the Good Day.
Sight fishing with poppers for mahi-mahi is not that common. On those days when they are prolific why not change things up and catch them in a more sporting way. This 20-pound bull cow absolutely walloped a bright red Halco Roosta Poppa while fishing off Flamingo, Costa Rica.
A gaffer mahi hightails away from the boat after being fooled with a rigged ballyhoo trolled off Pompano Beach, Florida.
A sizeable mahi caught with a Savage Gear Panic Popper comes over the side of the panga in Pedasi, Panama. This incidental catch happened while fishing the surf for roosterfish.
Trolling deep diving plugs like this 7" Yo-Zuri 3D Magnum produces more mahi than you would think. This gaffer mahi was an unexpected catch trolling the plug around FADs off the north shore of the Dominican Replublic.
Catching mahi close to shore of Central America is exciting and catching them on surface poppers with land in sight makes that even more special. This bull dolphin created a spectacular show dancing with the Costa Rica jungle as the backdrop.

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