Light Tackle Quick-Connection

How to use wire line and a jam knot to quickly rig lures.
Steve Kantner
Inshore fishermen need a quick and easy system for switching lures and leaders when casting to toothy species like mackerel and bluefish. Swivels draw unwanted attention, and when the fishing's hot you don't want to waste precious time on elaborate knots. This quick jam knot will get your lures back in the strike zone in record time. Story and photos by Steve Kantner.
MATERIALS: Monofilament leader two times the test of your main line; #3 single-strand wire; wire cutters; preferred lure.
Start by adding a short 18-inch mono leader to your main line. You'll want a small yet strong connection like a Double Surgeons Knot or a Double Uni Knot. Tie an Overhand Knot near the other end of your mono trace and trim the excess. Be sure to cinch it down tight.
Join your lure of choice to a short length of #3 single-strand wire with a Haywire Twist. I prefer to use a jig or a wobbling spoon like a Krocodile or Kastmaster with this rig.
Repeat the process at the opposite end, forming a Haywire Loop.
Insert the tip of the mono through your wire loop, before taking two turns around the mono and bringing it back through the mono loop.
Pull tight to complete the rig. When you tighten the knot, be sure that the Overhand Knot snugs up against the coils. Whenever you want to change your lure, simply snip the mono line close to the knot and re-tie.

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