How to Tie the Double Improved Clinch Knot

Learn to tie an improved version of this favorite fishing knot.
Tom Waters
Quick and simple to tie, the standard Improved Clinch Knot has long been a favorite for attaching mono and fluoro lines to hooks, terminal tackle and lures. While the breaking strength of the standard Improved Clinch Knot knot is already considered to be 95% or better for up to 50-pound test, doubling the line to create a Double Improved Clinch Knot will add further strength. Doubling up is particularly useful when targeting bigger fish with smaller-diameter lines.
Double the line, bringing the tag end back parallel to the standing line so there is about eight inches of double line to work with.  Take the end of the double line and pull about three inches of it it through the hook eye. Wrap the double tag end five times around the doubled standing part of the line. For both the standard and double knot, testing has shown that five wraps is optimum, but some use 10 to 15 wraps with slick braided lines to help prevent the knot from slipping.
Pinching the coils with one hand, use the other hand to push the double tag end through the small loop formed near the hook eye. Pull the double tag end through the loop, then pass it back through the large loop you just created.
Moisten the wraps. Then, while holding the tag loop and wraps, slowly pull on the standing lines to seat the knot tightly, being careful that the wraps around the standing lines don't overlap each other. Because this knot tends to continue cinching up each time pressure is applied, an overlap wrap can eventually cut into the wraps beneath it and weaken the knot. Complete by trimming the tag end loop close to the last tightened wrap.

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