How to Tie a Plait

The plait is used to create a double line to connect the main line to the leader.
Glen Booth
The Bimini Twist may be the industry standard for creating a double line to attach a swivel or wind-on leader, but a well-tied plait is a strong, good-looking knot that will retain a bit of spring and act like a shock absorber when tugging on a big fish. Story and photos by Glen Booth
To begin, leave yourself a generous tag line and pass the mono behind the standing part of the line and back into the center.
Taking a 'wrap' with each hand, start to work the outer strands of the line into the middle, all the while maintaining tension.
The first half dozen wraps must be super tight to prevent the knot from slipping and potentially jamming in the rod tip.
Continue like this until you are satisfied with the length of the plait.
Finally, we finish off with a back plait. This involves taking the tag end and doubling it over.
We then plait the tag end in with the two single strands.
When you've gone down five to eight times (depending on the diameter of the mono), poke the double loop (the part where you will attach the swivel or wind-on) back through the tag end loop.
Wet the back plait with saliva and take the tag end in your teeth. While holding the double end, slowly draw the knot tight. The tag end can be whipped flat to the plait with waxed rigging floss if you wish.
You can use one of two methods to finish off a plait. First though, you need to lock the plait in place with a single half hitch around one leg of the double.
Then go around both legs of the double with another half hitch.
Follow this up with a series of half hitches all heading in the same direction (with all of the half hitches going either under the double loop or all of them going over it), which will give the plait a spiral finish.
You can also tie one half hitch over and then one under the two legs of the double, which gives the plait a squarer, more box-like finish that isn't as bulky and might be a better option for smaller roller guides. While the Bimini Twist may be quicker, plaits do have their uses and are worth mastering.

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