How To Rig a Skirted Squid

This squid rig can be used on the troll or as a pitch bait.
Tony DiGiulian
To rig a skirted squid, you will need a fresh squid, octopus style skirt, J hook, crimps, glow bead, rigging floss, splicing needle, rigging needle and leader material. Tutorial by FishTrack pro Tony DiGiulian. Photos by Charlie Levine.
Start by crimping the hook onto the end of the monofilament or fluorocarbon leader and sliding on the glow bead. Then hold the hook and leader up to the squid bait to determine where you want the hook to run and the glow bead, which will sit at the point in between the wings.
Insert the hook through the squid's head so the point comes out the top of the head, in between the eyes.
Insert the mono leader into the splicing needle and slowly work the needle up the squid's mantle toward the point in between the wings. You want the leader to exit as close to the center point between the wings as possible.
Pull the remaining leader out through the squid wings and snug up the hook placement.
Work the bead up so it sits at the point in between the squid wings.
Using rigging floss, secure the squid's head to the mantle. At the least, secure it on the top and bottom.
Secure the hook in place running the thread right through the eye of the hook if you can.
Snug the rigging floss down tightly using a double overhand knot to hold the hook in place.
Secure the glow bead in place with a overhand knot behind the bead.
Run the floss up to the tip of the squid and make several knots working your way up the leader. This will help the skirt stay in place. It also provides some more support to the pulling point so the bait doesn't quickly wash out.
Trim the skirt to fit the squid. You want the skirt to cover the wings and body, but you don't want the skirt running all the way to the hook.
The finished bait, ready to entice a blue marlin or big tuna hunting along a deepwater edge. Make sure to check the latest water conditions at before you head offshore. If you'd like to learn more bait rigging tips or book a trip with FishTrack pro Tony DiGiulian visit

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