Adjustable Weight Rig

This rig makes it easy to add or remove weights in a matter of seconds.
Glen Booth
Depending on where you fish, tide and current may hinder how successfully you get your live or dead bait down to the target on a reef or wreck. With this rig, you can adjust the amount of weight quickly. You'll need leader material, crimps and crimping pliers, barrel or ball sinkers, glow bead, hook, drill and drill bit. Story and photos by Glen Booth
Put the sinkers in a vice and with the drill on low speed, enlarge the holes.
Crimp the hook to the leader and then crimp a long loop, longer than the chosen sinkers, at the snap swivel end.
Here's a detail photo of the long loop.
Add a lumo bead to stop the sinker from jamming on the crimp.
Slide the long loop through the first sinker.
And if the current is really screaming, add a second weight.
Attach to a snap and you're ready to fish.
The completed rig. With the sinker removed, the leaders are easy to store.

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